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Bella Rechargeable Lamp

Bella Rechargeable Lamp
Bella Rechargeable Lamp Bella Rechargeable Lamp Bella Rechargeable Lamp Bella Rechargeable Lamp Bella Rechargeable Lamp
Brand: Northway Global
Product Code: Northway Global
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Bella rechargeable Table Lamp is ideal for  areas that have no wall plug but you would like to have lighting and is perfect for an open concept room.   This lamp can be moved (without the cord) to any location in your house or outside on your patio which helps create a warm atmosphere outside.   If saving energy is high on your list then this lamp will allow you to achieve this.  Recharge the battery over night when the cost of energy is cheaper -  then use the lamp (unplugged) during the evening when energy costs are high. Or use lamp in the conventional way - plugged in with its energy saving LED warm light at approximately 45 watts.   Power outage - no problem.  If the light is already on it will automatically convert to the battery for continued lighting.  No more hunting for candles or flash lights.  It is a great light for emergancy use and will run for approximately 5 hours on high and 8 hours on low when using the battery power.  In addition, this lamp is ideal for seniors as the sudden disruption of power in the evening, will allow them to continue to have lighting and will illiminate both your worry and theirs about the possibility of being in the dark.  Easy on/off switch at the base of the lamp.

Height approximately 24" with shade. Base:  Traditional Candlestick - Metal 

Metal in stainless 

Lamp includes base, LED light bulb, Shade(White Linen), batteries, plug and recharger.

Batteries:   3.7v 3000mAh  Ni-MH  approx. 700 cycle times (i.e if charged 2 times a week  battery will last approximately 3.9 years)

UL approved Charger.

The lifetime of one LED bulb is up to 20,000 hours ( approx. 20 years) or the same as 20 traditional incandescent bulbs.

Fully charged  battery will last 8 hours on the low setting and 5 hours on the high setting.

Wattage : Equivalent to a 45 Watt bulb when plugged in and using high setting and 30 watt bulb when on low setting.  When using battery equivalent to a 30 watt bulb.




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