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Synthetic/Polyester Duvets

Synthetic/Polyester Duvets

Synthetic Fibre fillings

A common misconception is that a synthetic duvet or quilt, i.e. filled with ‘hollowfibre’ or ‘microfibre’, will be colder and less effective than a natural-filled duvet such as goose down. This simply is not the case. 

Synthetic fibre-filled duvets are less expensive and tend to be more practical than natural-filled duvets as they can be put in the washing machine and tumble dried. Their lifespan (about 10 years) is less than natural-filled duvets.

They're hypoallergenic, so are especially good for those who suffer from allergies such as asthma, eczema, rhinitis, or those sensitive to dust and so need to wash their duvets regularly.

Fillings are made from polyester, such as ‘hollowfibre’. 'Microfibre' is the very latest in fibre filling and is closest in feel to natural down as it is extremely light-weight and is wonderfully soft.

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